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Rosy Glow
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BEST OF THE BEST NURSERIES 2010-2014 - Smithville Review

Center Hill Nursery has a wide variety of quality container grown plants for landscapers, groundskeepers and garden centers. Located at 897 South Congress Boulevard in Smithville, Tennessee.

Below are some of the plant varieties offered at Center Hill Nursery:

Abelia: Little Richard, Edward Goucher, Kaleidoscope PP16988, Frances Mason, Hopley's, Sunshine Daydream, Rose Creek

Acuba: Gold Dust

Althea/Hibiscus: Chiffon Purple

Apple Trees: Apple Trees

Arborvitae: Emerald Green, Hetz Midget, Green Giant, Little Giant, Fire Chief, Mr. Bowling Ball, Woodward Globe, Berkman Gold

Azalea: Assorted, Bloomathon

Barberry: Crimson Pygmy, Rosy Glow, Royal Burgundy

Birch: River Birch

Blueberry Bush: Climax, Brightwell

Boxwood: Green Velvet, Wintergem/Wintergreen, Varigated, Sprinter PPAF, Green Gem, Green Mountain, Dwarf English, American B&B

Burning Bush: Burning Bush, Dwarf Burning Bush

Butterfly Bush: Blue Chip Jr. PPAF, Honey Comb, Blue Chip PP19991, Pink Delight, Black Knight, Blue Adonis, Lilac Chip PP24016, Miss Molly PP23425, Petite Butterfly PP22066

Callicarpa: Purple Beauty Berry

Cherry Trees: Weeping Cherry

Clematis: Happy Jack PPAF

Clethra: Ruby Spice, Hummingbird

Cotoneaster: Cranberry, Rockspray, Coral Beauty, Tom Thumb

Crepe Myrtle: Dazzle Series PP16917, First Editions Magic Series

Cryptomeria: Yoshino

Cypress: Gold Mop, Lemonthread, Leyland, Golden Hinoki

Day Lilly: Happy Returns, Stella D'Ora, Pardon Me

Dogwood: Arctic Fire PP18523, White, Yellow Twig, Assorted Dogwood, Red Twig

Euonymous: Golden, Wintercreeper, Manhatten, Emerald Gaiety, Emerald-n-Gold

Forsythia: Gold Tide, Lynnwood Gold, Gold Cluster

Fothergilla: Mt. Airy

Groundcover: Ajuga Bronze, Purpleleaf Wintercreeper

Hawthorne: Indian Hawthorne

Hemlock: Hemlock

Hibiscus: Lady Baltimore, Lord Roberts

Holly: China Boy (Call for pricing), Steed, China Girl, Compacta, Nellie R Stevens, Blue Prince, Blue Princess, Dwarf Burford, China Boy (Call for pricing), Chinese, Foster, Green Luster, Helleri, Oakland, Needlepoint, Inkberry, Robin, Sky Pencil, Soft Touch, Hoogendorn, Inberry Shamrock Holly, Liberty PP12009, Carissa, Liberty PP12009 (Call for pricing), Youpon, Acadiana Red, Acadiana Red PP14418

Holly--Deciduous: Berry Nice, Winter Red, Apollo

Hydrangea: Gadsby Pink, Strawberry Sundae PP25438, Let's Dance Rhapsody PPAF, Incrediball PPAF 20571, Ruby Slipper, Little Quick Fire, Let's Dance Big Easy PP22329, Endless Summer PP15298, Dooley, Lemonwave, Limelight PP12874, Little Lamb PP15395, Nikko Blue, Oakleaf, Bo Bo. PP 22782, Let's Dance Diva, Let's Dance Blue Jangles PPAF, Blue Bird, Anna Belle, Penny Mac, Let's Dance Starlight PP20019, Fire Light, Snowqueen, Phantom, Blushing Bride PP17169, Little Lime PPAF 22330, Invincibelle Spirit PP20765, Light O Day. PP, Zinfin Doll, Pee Gee Hydrangea

Hypericum: Sunburst, Cobalt-n-Gold PP25318

Itea: Henry Garnet, Little Henry PP10988

Japonica: Cleyera, Mountain Fire

Jasmine: Carolina

Juniper: Gold Tip Pfitzer, Andorra Compacta, Blue Pacific, Blue Pfitzer, Blue Point, Blue Rug, Gold Coast, Grey Owl, Juniper Nicks, Parsoni, Procumbens garden juniper, Sea Green, Blue Star, Green Sargent, Moonglow

Laurel: Schip, Otto Luyken - Assorted Size

Leucothoe: Rainbow

Lifeberry: Goji

Lilac: Dwarf Korean, Miss Kim, Bloomerang PPAF

Liriope: Big Blue, Variegated

Loropetalum: Jazz Hands, Ruby, Ever Red, Daruma, Jazz Hands Mini

Magnolia: Miss Patricia, D. D. Blanchard, Jane, Little Gem, Green Giant Patent# 9733, Alta P.P. # 11612, D. D. Blanchard, Star, Ann

Mahonia: Bealeii

Mock Orange: Mock Orange

Mondo: Mondo, Dwarf Mondo/Mondo, Dwarf Mondo

Nandina: Domestic, Firepower, Harbour Belle PP14668, Gulf Stream

Ninebark: Tiny Wine, Diablo PP#11211, Center Glow PP 16894, Summer Wine, Coppertina

Ornamental Grass: Dallas Blue, Morning Light, Adagio, Muhly, Cassian, Cosmopolitan, Little Zebra, Erianthus, Fountain, Gracillimus, Hamlen, Heavy Metal, Zebra, Moudry, Carly Rose, Varigatus, Karl Foerster, Shenandoah, Erianthus (Hardy Pampas), Blue Dune, Little Zebra PP13008, Dallas Blue PP11202, Northwind, North Wind

Pear Trees: Pear

Perennials: Shasta Daisy, Tickseed, Bleeding Heart, Astilbe, Autumn Fern, Painted Fern, Coral Bells

Pine: Mugho (call for pricing), Mugho, Eastern White, Eastern White Pine

Pyrachantha: Mohave, Victory

Quince: Scarlet Storm PP20951, Orange Storm PP20950

Roses: Double Knockout - Red, Knockout - Red, Drift, Drift Roses., O So Easy Double Red

Spirea: Shirobana, Snow Mound, Gold Flame, Vanhoutte, Anthony Waterer, Goldmound, Little Princess, Magic Carpet, Ash Leaf PP16336, Super Star

Spruce: Alberta, Alberta, Poodle, Alberta, Spiral, Blue Star Standard, Nest, Alberta (Call for pricing), Alberta (Call for pricing), Norway

Sumac: Tiger Eye, Low Grow

Viburnum: Conoy, Juddi, Leatherleaf, Mariessi, Mohawk, Pragense, Willowwood, Old Fashion Snowball, Carlessii, Blue Muffin, Alleghany, Chinese Snowball

Vinca: Major, Minor

Vitex- Chaste Tree: Shoals Creek

Weigela: Midnight Wine PP 12217, French Lace PP12666, Wine & Roses PP10772, Dark Horse, Wine & Roses PP10772, Sonic Bloom PPAF, Shining Sensation PPAF

Wisteria: Amethist Falls

Yew: Dark Green Spreader, Densiforma, Hicks, Plum

Yucca: Color Guard

Center Hill Nursery has a wide variety of container grown shrubbery and trees. Located in Smithville, Tennessee, close to Center Hill Lake and Warren County, McMinnville, TN this area is known as "the Nursery Capital of the World." We sell high quality plants, bushes, shrubs, shrubbery and trees. All of our plants are inspected by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and are certified to be free of disease and insects.

Please take time to browse our selection of plants which include: